COR ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN es un estudio de arquitectura e ingeniería que desde un enfoque centrado en la sostenibilidad ayuda a las organizaciones y a las personas a innovar y crecer.

COR ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN is an award-winning architectural studio focused on sustainability to helping organizations and people innovate and grow.

Studio Banana TV + Cor

Studio Banana TV features MUCA Music Hall and auditorium with explanations by its author, COR, ASCER architecture award. Interview realised with the sponsorship of ASCER.

“COR is a Consulting of Creative Resources, like a meeting place between the ideas, knowledge and reality. We focus all our energy and work in ‘making things possible’ to help individuals and organizations to innovate and grow. Our efforts are focused on two points, innovation and management that makes it possible. We work every day to be a meeting point between creativity and management, as an organization capable of developing all fronts that surround a project.

COR identifies new businesses, new markets, new ways, new types of living to support our customers in finding latent needs to build a new opportunity, both living and business. COR is a consulting that focuses its services in six areas: Architecture, Urban Design, Engineering, Business Management and Audit, Design and Web Development. These areas are linked to work separately or together, in order to resolve with an accurate solution to a specific problem, or a full development as a solution to a complex problema. Cor has a commitment to quality, to face the problems and ensuring successful results for every case.

Our responsibility in everything we do, is evident in the way we work:

– Maximum dedication creative ideation projects, audits, procedures or designs.

– A quality individualized treatment based on transparency and professionalism.

– A ‘full service’ that positions us as the only interface to the customer and allows us to be able to develop all fronts that surround each initiative.”

Interview by Studio Banana TV. Translation by Noelia Correa.