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COR ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN is an award-winning architectural studio focused on sustainability to helping organizations and people innovate and grow.

Interesante artículo de Kyle Chayka sobre la homogeneización de los espacios, o por qué los espacios donde vivimos (cafeterías, casas, gimnasios, etc…) se parece tanto estando en países y continentes distintos.

Dice al final: «Left unchecked, there is a kind of nightmare version of AirSpace that could spread room by room, cafe by cafe across the world. It’s already there, if you look for it. There are blank white lofts with subway-tile bathrooms, modular furniture, wall-mounted TVs, high-speed internet, and wide, viewless windows in every city, whether it’s downtown Madrid; Nørrebro, Copenhagen; or Gulou, Beijing. Once you take the place of the people who live there, you can head out to their favorite coffee shops, bars, or workspaces, which will be instantly recognizable because they look just like the apartment that you’re living in. You will probably enjoy it. You might think, ‘This is nice, I am comfortable.’ And then you can move on to the next one, only a click away»